Quality Control

In-House Quality Control

Quality control is the top priority at CCI Redi Mix. We have an in-house professional dedicated to ensure our the products we deliver meet the high-quality standards we expect. To supplement the advanced technology that we utilize, our experienced concrete craftsmen provide guidance and input required for the final fine-tuning of mixtures.

Technology + Experience

Our modern plants are equipped with the latest software and programmed to batch a wide variety of mixtures of concrete. ACI-certified technicians operate the plants and inspect the concrete and materials. Materials are constantly being monitored and concrete is tested both at the plant and on the job site. Since we are owned by contractors using our product, we are constantly receiving feedback.

Additionally, an ongoing driver training program ensures that the concrete is cared for from the time it flows into the truck until point of placement.



We deploy a variety of tests in our own testing laboratory including:

Compression Test: We check for strength and durability properties on a daily basis.

Shrink Test: We check different mixes and material combinations to confirm that we are creating designs that minimize shrinkage.