Admixtures are materials other than cement, aggregates, and water that are added to concrete before or during mixing to modify the properties of concrete or to ensure the quality and-or workability of concrete during mixing, transporting, placing, and curing. Admixtures can be used to provide greater plasticity, workability, and earlier levels of strength than from normal concrete. CCI Redi-Mix has the experience and knowledge required to assist with your admixture needs to make the job a success!

Concrete Temperatures are IMPORTANT

The quality of freshly mixed concrete depends upon the temperature of each ingredient. CCI Redi-Mix has the experience and ability to integrate special measures to mitigate temperature extremes in cold and hot weather seasons.

Chilled Water

CCI Redi-Mix can keep your concrete cool if your summer project needs it! CCI Redi-Mix utilizes water chillers to lower the temperature of the water that mixes the concrete during hot weather. Concrete can be cooled by up to 10°F using chilled mixing water. During hot weather days, cooled water can really assist in the proper curing of your concrete and to assist in the proper strength gain over time.

Heated Sand

CCI Redi-Mix has a sand heater if your winter project needs it! Heating sand has proven to be an effective way to control mix temperature and improve product quality. Warmer sand improves mix quality, reduces the need for superheated water, multiplies the effectiveness of non-chloride accelerators, and allows projects to meet temperature specifications and continue without interruption during harsh winter weather.

Materials are constantly being monitored and concrete is tested both at the plant and on the job site. Since CCI Redi-Mix is owned by concrete contractors that use the product daily, we are constantly receiving feedback.